Dear Darlings,

Our September meeting will see the East London Strippers Collective descend to the Haggerston for our monthly meeting! Stacey Clare is a stripper, performance artist, writer, activist, Buddhist, care worker, and co-founding member of the East London Strippers Collective. She grew up in northern England and began working as a stripper aged 22 in Scotland, while on a gap year from her Fine Art degree at Glasgow School of Art.

The first club she worked in taught her that a strip club could be run respectfully and that stripping could be empowering, so long as the conditions were right. It wasn’t long before she encountered conditions within the industry that were not empowering. She has worked all over the UK, Paris and Australia, and for her longest stint she danced at The White Horse, in Shoreditch, London, a family business run for 38 years.

Stacey helped to found the East London Strippers Collective as a concerted effort to unite dancers around common grievances about their own industry, including the poor representation of strippers in public and the media. She gave a TedX Talk in 2015, “The Ethical Stripper” discussing her concerns. Her book builds on her thesis.

She lives in London and shares her time between running a life drawing class (with strippers as models), theatre projects, working part-time in care, activism and writing.

We are very excited to have Stacey come and share her thoughts and learnings on such an important topic for women!

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th September at the Haggerston. As usual it is £5 for non-members and free for members!


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